/> those southern things.
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no its fine! i just wanted to make sure it was from there! Whats your username ill follow you on instagram!

I have a personal one but thanks

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Im a country girl. People dont think i am because i live in California. Im originally from New Jersey, went to Vermont every summer with my cousins in a little town called Sunderland. It only has one resturant not many people go to. It has a whole bunch of food, and rarely open. You have to go a little down south for town. Shops,fairs, etc. Me and my cousins are always doin' somethin'. Rivers,swimming,campouts,annoyin' little kids at camps...


Reblog if you’re a preppy blog and I’ll follow you immediately :)

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For that d-bag from Frattydbags. No... "classy" is Southern. "Fratty" is southern. "Douchebag" is Northeastern. Congratulations brah. Go waste more of your money on Vinyard Vines belts.

Thank. You.

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"Preppy" is not Southern. Preppy is, has been and always will be Northeastern. Kindly learn the difference.

I don’t really care